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Our Vision: “To inspire all to grow in mind, body and spirit beyond themselves. To increase student potential and contribute to the global community, as peaceful warriors - Jung Shin”

Experience the Spirit of Taekwondo - More than just the physical

Knowing that the last thing the world needs is another kick or punch. We've thought long and hard about what it is to be a black belt. It's for that reason that the Spirit training syllabus is focused to build character and not just combative skills.

Instilling values and principles simultaneously with physical ability, motivating our students to take martial values out of the Dojang (training hall) and into the home, playground, community and the world. With an outstanding level of creativity and innovation, spirit aims to set a new standard in Taekwondo schooling and martial pedagogy.

We believe passionately in the learning of Taekwondo for all age groups and the benefits gained. With a teaching system and syllabus developed over three decades, along with a firm history in Moo Duk Kwan, Taekwondo, Hap Ki Do and Thai boxing, the founders of Spirit have established a well respected reputation in the Taekwondo community.

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More than just the physical.

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